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ABOVE:  A screenshot from the section of the Roman webquest covering the life of Cleopatra.
Explore the different facets of life in ancient Rome including daily life for children, religion, government, recreation, slavery, social customs, and public spectacles such as the races at the Circus Maximus and gladiator contests at the Coliseum.  This webquest also offers information about the historical figures surrounding the conversion of the Roman Republic to the Roman Empire:  Julius Caesar, Pompey, Marcus Brutus, Mark Antony, Cicero, and Cleopatra.  Challenging words within the text are underlined with links to MerriamWebster.com for help with definition or punctuation.  While it is not the only way to explore the information, below there is a worksheet that the students must fill out, answering detailed questions about the information.  To access the webquest teacher page, click here.


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