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A parody of the popular CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE book series from the 1980's



Some stories follow a set plot path. Others feature multiple plot pathways that are powered by the reader’s choice. In other words, readers follow the story along for a bit, and then they are presented with a decision. That decision determines how the next portion of the story goes. Just as choices in real life create different outcomes, the same happens with the choices within the story. These different pathways within the story are called branching storylines. To read an example of this type of story set in the world of ancient Greek Mythology click here.

This assignment shows you how to use notecards to create a playable Choose Your Own Quest set in the world of King Arthur and his knights.

Example Choose Your Own Quest (King Arthur's Realm)

This playable PDF document takes you through a zany example of a Choose Your Own Quest adventure.

Example Choose Your Own Quest (Morgan le Fay's Revenge)

This playable PDF document allows you to take on the role of King Arthur's evil sorceress half-sister and seek your revenge.



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