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A 1909 illustration of the famous firebird from Russian folklore.


In this humorous take on the traditional fairy tale, a miller's daughter must complete the impossible task of spinning straw into gold.  When a strange little man appears and offers to help her, she takes him up on his offer. Unfortunately, the price he asks in return is a high one.
In this humorous take on the traditional tale, a young archer must capture the magical creature called the Firebird for his Czar.  In the process he also wins the hand of the beautiful princess, Vassilissa.  He accomplishes his mission with the help of a magical talking horse.

Mythical Creatures of Russia (PDF)
This handout showcases some of the interesting mythical creatures that make up Russian folklore such as the Domovoy, Leshii, Rusalka, and Baba Yaga.  Pictures are included in the handout.

Mythical Creature Research Project (PDF)
This research project asks students to research a mythical creature from world mythology. Students present on the details and history of the creature as well as how the creature is represented in popular culture.

Aesop's Fables (PDF)
This worksheet asks students to read selections from Aesop's fables and determine what moral lesson they believe the story is trying to teach.

Urashima the Fisherman (PDF)

This Japanese folktale tells about a fisherman who journeys to the bottom of the sea and finds himself the victim of time travel.


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