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The legends of Robin Hood are adventure in its purest form. While everyone knows the mission of the famous bandit (to steal from the rich and give to the poor), they might have missed the interesting historical details behind the legends. In the years following the Norman Invasion of England, woodland bandits became the folk heroes of the common people. Only they were bold enough to resist the corrupt kings, sheriffs, and knights who had taken over the land.
NOTE:  There is a new textbook available just for teaching the legends of Robin Hood. (See link to the left.)

This read-aloud script-story tells how Robin of Locksley, the son of a poor forester, becomes an outlaw. It also introduces the characters of Maid Marian, Robin's true love, and Will Gamewell, his best friend. (Note:  This is just the first part of the Robin Hood legend. If you are interested in purchasing script-stories of the whole legend, visit the Mythologyteacher.com store.)
This article gives the historical background for the legendary hero.
This worksheet gives relevant background information on the Crusades, a series of events that greatly affected the world of Robin Hood.
One of history's most interesting women, Eleanor of Aquitaine, the mother of King Richard and Prince John, plays a small part in the Robin Hood legends. Her life story is entertaining enough to be a legend all its own.


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